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  • By Jackie Jacobs Every year, we receive news of new “sunrises” created by the thoughtful planning of donors who include charities in their wills. One such donor was Florlyn Freedman, who made generous arrangements in her will for five local charities upon her death, which occurred two years ag[...]
  • The major events in the lives of persons now age 50-70 were the tumultuous 60's and oil shocks of the 70's. Baby Boomers grew up in the midst of all of the turmoil of the 60's and then began their working careers during the ups and downs of the 70's. Just over a quarter of the total U.S. populati[...]
  • Among the many findings from the Portrait of Jewish Columbus that were released yesterday, the data will finally draw attention to the needs of poverty-stricken Jews in our community. Fully 21% of our fellow Jews in Columbus fall below 150% of the federal poverty guidelines, based on income and h[...]
  • Now may be the perfect time for those interested in making philanthropic gifts to consider the benefits of creating a Charitable Remainder Trust using appreciated securities or other assets (held 12 months or longer). By making such a gift, the donor can avoid/postpone the increased capital gains[...]
  • Anyone can change the course of events, especially when they see injustice. That was Gordon Zacks’ mantra.  A founder of the Republican Jewish Coalition and an unofficial adviser to George H.W. Bush, Gordon wrote the book on character, courage and leadership, and how one person can make a differe[...]