Apply ForA Jewish Education & Literacy Grant

Grants from the Columbus Jewish Foundation’s Jewish Education & Literacy Endowment are made to support Central Ohio Jewish education and literacy initiatives. Emphasis is on:

  • Jewish educational advancement of professional Jewish educators and lay leaders,
  • Investigation of alternatives and options for Jewish learning opportunities
  • Addressing unmet Jewish educational needs,
  • Program and curriculum development, and
  • Strategic planning related to Jewish educational needs.

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Grant proposals are considered primarily, but not exclusively, to seed new and special programs consistent with the mission of the applicant(s) and the Jewish Education &  Literacy Committee.

Grants are not intended to supplement nor duplicate Columbus Jewish Federation and  United Way allocations, the ongoing operating budgets of an organization, or existing or already completed programs/services.

Fund raising travel “missions” (both domestic and overseas) will not be entertained.

Only special and unique requests for professional development shall be considered, and,  if funded, shall be available no more than once every five years. (If the program is offered more than once in the five-year period, funding shall only be considered for staff members previously not funded within the five-year period.)

Proposals submitted initially as multi-year requests are approved for a one-year period and  may be extended for up to three additional years, subject to evaluation and review. Funding  for multi-year grants, when approved, will be phased down over time: 2nd year funding not to exceed 75% of original grant; third year funding not to exceed 50% of original grant; 4th year funding not to exceed 25% of original grant. Continued grant funding will be evaluated based on these criteria:

    • program implementation is according to schedule;
    • results to date are successful or program has been revised accordingly, as evidenced by an evaluation process and report;
    • applicant submits a long-term funding plan and reports on the implementation of  that plan with each request for continued funding, including communication with future funders following the Foundation grant period;
    • continued need for Foundation funding;
    • interest on the part of the Foundation to provide continued funding; and, funding availability.

If the project is to continue beyond the experimental period, other sources of funding must be secured.

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