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Grants from the Columbus Jewish Foundation’s Lenore Schottenstein and Community Jewish Arts Fund and other related Jewish arts endowments are made to enhance greater public awareness of the Jewish arts in Central Ohio. Emphasis is on:

  • Stimulating greater public appreciation for the arts in Jewish life through arts programs of high artistic merit,
  • Promoting and enhancing participation in Jewish art activities and events, or
  • Encouraging activities furthering the enjoyment, understanding and appreciation of visual, performing and/or media arts with Jewish content and/or relevance to the Jewish experience.

Certain projects may be eligible for multi-year funding, particularly if they are integral to the successful implementation of clearly defined strategic planning objectives. Continued funding is contingent upon measurable success in meeting the strategic objectives and available funds.

Jewish Arts Guidelines

  1. Proposals must align with both the Foundation and Jewish Arts Committee missions.
  2. Proposals must support the agency mission, including any short-term and medium-term initiatives.
  3. Programs must have measurable goals/objectives and a realistic evaluation plan.
  4. Eligible proposals may include dance, literature, music, theater, visual arts, Jewish historical exhibits, public performances or exhibitions, or the creation of new works.
  5. When participation in an artistic activity is based on invitation or a jury process, applicants must explain the means to ensure systematic, unbiased selection.
  6. Programs not specific to the agency’s clients (such as students) must be open to the community (such as concerts, art exhibits).
  7. Proposals must identify additional funding sources.
  8. Programs and events may be fee charging.
  9. Requests for media productions or permanent acquisitions are discouraged because of funding limitations.
  10. Capital improvements, construction or the purchase of permanent equipment or real estate are ineligible for support.
  11. Mini-grant requests must be submitted at least eight (8) weeks prior to the program start date and can be submitted at any time. Mini-grants are capped at $2,500. An organization can submit only one mini-grant application per Foundation fiscal year (July 1 – June 30).

Core Requirements

  1. All organizations must be established and current under IRS Code Section 501(c)3.
  2. The applicant agency must be on sound financial footing.
  3. Applications from individuals will not be entertained.
  4. Foundation grants are not intended to:
  • supplement nor duplicate Federation and/or United Way allocations,
  • fund general operations, and/or
  • support fundraising-related travel missions or capital campaigns.
  1. Multi-year grants are approved for a one-year period and may be extended for up to two additional years, subject to evaluation and review. Funding for multi-year grants, when approved, can be phased down over time at the discretion of the grant committee. Continued grant funding will be evaluated based on these criteria:
  • program implementation is according to schedule;
  • measurable success in meeting the strategic objectives;
  • grantee submits a long-term funding plan and reports on the implementation of that plan with each request for continued funding, including communication with future funders following the Foundation grant period;
  • continued need for Foundation funding;
  • interest on the part of the Foundation to provide continued funding, and
  • available funding.
  1. Institutions cannot request a change in the grant status (from a one-year to a multi-year request) once the application has been submitted.
  2. Publicity, program updates and evaluations are required for all funded programs.

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