About Us

The Columbus Jewish Foundation is dedicated to building permanent community resources to secure the stability and continuity of Jewish life in Columbus and elsewhere. The Foundation fosters lifetime and testamentary charitable giving designed to:

  • Assist individuals in achieving their personal charitable goals in the most tax-advantaged manner through a wide array of outright and deferred planned giving options
  • Develop permanent community resources to address special, emergency, and future needs particularly those not provided by the Columbus Jewish Federation annual campaign

The Columbus Jewish community’s endowment and planned giving efforts are coordinated and managed by the Columbus Jewish Foundation, which promotes donor-centered giving as the cornerstone of a fiscally viable Jewish community.
The Columbus Jewish Foundation operates under its own articles of incorporation and code of regulations as a support foundation of the Columbus Jewish Federation, with its own officers, board of trustees, committee structure, budget and independent audit.

The primary function of the Columbus Jewish Foundation is to provide grants to non-profit organizations, both Jewish and non-sectarian, that serve social, cultural, health and educational needs.  This itemization reflects all monies disbursed by the Foundation during the past year from donor-advised Philanthropic Funds, Special Purpose Funds, and agency-owned endowments invested and managed by the Columbus Jewish Foundation.

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