• Managing Community Assets

    • Columbus Jewish Foundation is proud to manage the endowments, real estate and other assets of our Jewish community.

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    • Columbus Jewish Youth

    • The Columbus Jewish Foundation is dedicated to instilling a sense of community and tzedakah in our Jewish youth.

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    • Planting For Our Future

    • As our parents planted for us,
      so we plant for those
      who come after us. –
      Talmud Ta'anit

    • Our Art Collection

    • Exquisite artwork created by Jewish artists from all over the world is on display in our building

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    • Jackie's Corner:

    • CEO Jackie Jacobs provides his insights and points of view on supporting the Jewish community

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  • Jewish Youth

  • Helping instill a sense of community and tzedakah in our Jewish youth.

  • Book of Life

  • Thank you to our donors who help shape Jewish Columbus and the Jewish world with their generosity.

  • Jackie's Corner

  • Jackie Jacobs, Foundation CEO, shares his views on Jewish community, philanthropy and importance of legacy giving.

Latest News

  • SEI manages the Foundation's portfolio, making both strategic longer term asset allocation recommendations and well as tactical positioning portfolio recommendations.  At this time, the market turmoil has not resulted in any changes to the strategic positioning of the Foundation portfolio.  As alway[...]
  • Just two days after their Synagogue's annual meeting, Ahavas Sholom's President Rabbi Yosef Hauser and Treasurer Joel Wolff headed off to the Foundation for an endowment briefing they will present to the century old Orthodox congregation's Board.  The Foundation is the Central Ohio Jewish communit[...]
  • The beautiful home of late philanthropists Betty and Herb Schiff was sold last week, to the benefit of Jewish day school education in Columbus.  The net sale proceeds of the generous Schiff bequest will be added to the Columbus Torah Academy's endowment, which is managed by the Columbus Jewish Found[...]
  • After graduating law school in 1958, Ruth Freed ז״ל realized that firms were refusing to hire women, and wouldn't even allow her to work without pay. "You hear stories about Justice Ginsburg being offered a job as a legal secretary....so I opened my own office," she said.  A half century later, th[...]

Book of Life

  • The words Tzedakah and Tzadik (Gracious Person) share a common root: two special people inspired our family's endowment contributions. My grandfather, Ely Petzinovitch, known as Reb Ely, of blessed memory, was a very generous person who gave Tzedakah to anyone in need. A particular story reflects[...]
  • Having been influenced by many other Jewish individuals who have endowed favorite Jewish causes, we desire to perpetuate the Jewish heritage and culture in this community through our commitment to the Columbus Jewish Foundation. Roselee's father, Morris Lerer, was born in Russia and came to the U[...]