• Managing Community Assets

    • Columbus Jewish Foundation is proud to manage the endowments, real estate and other assets of our Jewish community.

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    • Columbus Jewish Youth

    • The Columbus Jewish Foundation is dedicated to instilling a sense of community and tzedakah in our Jewish youth.

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    • Planting For Our Future

    • As our parents planted for us,
      so we plant for those
      who come after us. –
      Talmud Ta'anit

    • Our Art Collection

    • Exquisite artwork created by Jewish artists from all over the world is on display in our building

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    • Jackie's Corner:

    • CEO Jackie Jacobs provides his insights and points of view on supporting the Jewish community

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  • Jewish Youth

  • Helping instill a sense of community and tzedakah in our Jewish youth.

  • Book of Life

  • Thank you to our donors who help shape Jewish Columbus and the Jewish world with their generosity.

  • Jackie's Corner

  • Jackie Jacobs, Foundation CEO, shares his views on Jewish community, philanthropy and importance of legacy giving.

Latest News

  • Why do so many people with a charitable gift annuity obtain another one … and another? There are at least three reasons why these donors become repeat customers. Satisfaction Most donors ease into their first gift annuity with a degree of concern. After all, this is a new arrangement for them [...]
  • With the Foundation's Higher Education Loan Program Committee Chair Nevada Smith taking the lead, HELP committee members are logging in many hours reaching out to previous loan recipients and revamping the Foundation's student loan program.  Student loan applications will be entertained later this f[...]
  • Tammy Fitzpatrick was one of three Adopting Spending Policy in a Low Return Environment panelists at this week's JFNA Investment Institute. Fitzpatrick has served as the CFO for the Columbus Jewish Foundation since 2008.  Prior to joining the Foundation she was a partner in the Not-for-Profit Practi[...]
  • Stakeholders from 60 plus North American Jewish communities who steward $80 billion in Jewish community philanthropic assets met this week in Florida for presentations by top industry professionals, peer-to-peer learning, and networking. Representing the Columbus Jewish Foundation were its incoming [...]

Book of Life

  • Our parents on both sides - Libbie and Meyer Schottenstein and Jennie and Ben Gendel - all taught us to help others without question. What’s most moving to me about being Jewish is the feeling that the entire community is extended family. I want the Columbus Jewish Community to be able to continue [...]
  • Our grandparents were our greatest influence. They took us to synagogue, taught us about shabbos and the holidays; in essence they introduced us to the rich culture and tradition of our people. Sheila's parents gave much of their time volunteering at their synagogue and held officer positions at a[...]