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  • We are heartbroken to announce the passing of James B. Feibel z’’l, 85 on Saturday. Jim has provided a lifetime of service to the general and Jewish community. He served as President of the Columbus Jewish Foundation, Board Chair of Jewish Family Services, and was founding President of Temple Beth S[...]
  • Eighty-five year old Rabbi Arthur Waskow, a longtime political activist, was arrested last week while protesting outside an Immigration and Customs Enforcement office in Philadelphia. Waskow made a speech that was posted on Twitter before he was arrested. "We understand that by the local law what we[...]
  • Ohio House Bill 479m, which was recently signed into law by Governor Kasich, permits the creation of a new type of trust in Ohio, the "Legacy Trust", allowing an individual to more effectively shield assets from future creditors. But there are limitations.  Click here for more information.
  • Move to PROSPER is a pilot housing program that makes affordable rentals available in high opportunity communities with good schools, safe neighborhoods, and job opportunities.  Of the two hundred applicants, the first seven families have been selected.  All participants have some college education,[...]

Book of Life

  • Being Jewish means being part of an eternal nation and among the Chosen People, who are commanded by God to live by Jewish law and to be a moral inspiration to others. This is a great responsibility. We believe strongly in doing everything we can to help build a strong Jewish community that should e[...]
  • My philanthropic interests and contributions, particularly the Jewish community, reflect my life’s works as a professional since 1945. The Columbus Jewish Foundation represents a unique means to extend and sustain the support of community needs in perpetuity. What I may have done simply emulat[...]