• Managing Community Assets

    • Columbus Jewish Foundation is proud to manage the endowments, real estate and other assets of our Jewish community.

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    • Columbus Jewish Youth

    • The Columbus Jewish Foundation is dedicated to instilling a sense of community and tzedakah in our Jewish youth.

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    • Planting For Our Future

    • As our parents planted for us,
      so we plant for those
      who come after us. –
      Talmud Ta'anit

    • Our Art Collection

    • Exquisite artwork created by Jewish artists from all over the world is on display in our building

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    • Jackie's Corner:

    • CEO Jackie Jacobs provides his insights and points of view on supporting the Jewish community

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  • Jewish Youth

  • Helping instill a sense of community and tzedakah in our Jewish youth.

  • Book of Life

  • Thank you to our donors who help shape Jewish Columbus and the Jewish world with their generosity.

  • Jackie's Corner

  • Jackie Jacobs, Foundation CEO, shares his views on Jewish community, philanthropy and importance of legacy giving.

Latest News

  • This year's Dorothy and Mayer Rosenfeld OSU Social Work Scholarship recipient is Baltimore native Brooke Epstein, an honors program undergraduate studying urban government subsidized housing residents and their hardships for her honors project.   The Rosenfelds established the scholarship fund at th[...]
  • June 21 marked a year since the tragic loss of young Jadyn Larky in an overnight camp accident.  She was remembered at a memorial service with the entire camp family that included a collective recitation of the Mourner's Kaddish.  Afterwards, the Livingston Camp community built a garden and launched[...]
  • In light of tragic events involving a swelling population of migrants and refugees in Europe and the Middle East, the Jewish Coalition for Disaster Relief has expanded its scope and mandate for Syrian refugees in Jordon to include refugees and migrants in Europe and the Middle East.  The Foundatio[...]
  • Central Ohio's first synagogue will soon have a new home.  Located since 1959 at 5419 E Broad Street, Temple Israel is in contract to sell its present property, and will move to 3100 East Broad after renovations of the new site.   "[T]his period of transition will serve to further strengthen our alr[...]

Book of Life

  • Our parents came from Poland and Russia, and both Elaine and I learned at a very young age from our parents the value of tzedakah. While we feel that all Jewish people are our brothers and sisters, we think the Columbus Jewish community is something special. We want those feelings of belonging and[...]
  • Why would I want to help secure the future of our Jewish community? It is so obvious to me. I have children and grandchildren. I want to do everything I can to make sure there is a Jewish world for them. I have learned from the holocaust that we must do something, stay involved, be a participant[...]