• Managing Community Assets

    • Columbus Jewish Foundation is proud to manage the endowments, real estate and other assets of our Jewish community.

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    • Columbus Jewish Youth

    • The Columbus Jewish Foundation is dedicated to instilling a sense of community and tzedakah in our Jewish youth.

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    • Planting For Our Future

    • As our parents planted for us,
      so we plant for those
      who come after us. –
      Talmud Ta'anit

    • Our Art Collection

    • Exquisite artwork created by Jewish artists from all over the world is on display in our building

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    • Jackie's Corner:

    • Executive Director Jackie Jacobs provides his insights and points of view on supporting the Jewish community

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  • Jewish Youth

  • Helping instill a sense of community and tzedakah in our Jewish youth.

  • Book of Life

  • Thank you to our donors who help shape Jewish Columbus and the Jewish world with their generosity.

  • Jackie's Corner

  • Jackie Jacobs, Foundation CEO, shares his views on Jewish community, philanthropy and importance of legacy giving.

Latest News

  • 5775: The High Holidays are a time to look backward and forward, to reflect and introspect. They are a time to take an accounting of one's year, one's self and one's life; to atone for mistakes, renew our commitment and have a hand in inscribing our fate. This year on the Jewish calendar is 5775.[...]

Book of Life

  • Our roots here are strong and deep. Born and raised in Columbus, Selma Sylvia Ruben and Myer William Mellman were married in 1944. Participation in the Jewish community has nurtured what we cherish; Jewish values and Jewish life, the arts and education, the beauty of Judaism as a religion of action.[...]
  • I remember the past, live in the present and dream of the future – I was born in Vienna Austria. In 1938, after Austria became part of Nazi Germany, a kind stranger from Chicago sent an affidavit enabling my parents and me to escape to America. I was 15 years old at the time, but this selfless act o[...]